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Affordable Housing

Ah, so you are saying that you have not yet realized how hard people are struggling with schizophrenia, bi-polar, combat and other related Post Tramatic Stress Disorders, and a host of other mental illnesses? Another words, It is really a blast to have mental illness &/or alcoholism/or drug addiction? HAHA, you say? You should try it sometime! While you're at it, try to compete for a service level type job, when newcomers to Wilmington (with advanced degrees) are knocking the doors down to get the janitors job these days...just to be able to keep a ROOF over their heads... And, who knows what is going to happen, when they can't find that janitors job... GEE, they may have a psychotic breakdown, or they may turn to alcohol to ease the pain, or they may loose their family. Perhaps you or someone in your family can relate to how employment fuels success...or how unemployment makes housing very hard to hold on to. THERE but for the Grace of God, go you and I. MAY you always be soo smart that you know exactly what to do in a Disaster, or DIRE STRAITS situation. May the advantages that you have had in life, like family and education, be there to pull you through when you falter.


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