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look 10,15,20 years ago boating was not as big as it is now. then you were lucky to see 15 boats during the weekends,now you will see 150 + boats on a non holiday weekend and during a holiday weekend we put in at least 180 boats and thats just our marina and theres six marinas just in this area. my point is i have worked 11 years in the boating industry and have seen poeple buy and ride without any boaters safty courses and as they leave the lift wells they are bouncing off other customers boats causing damage. some dont even know how to use their boat. in my 11 years i have seen a person lose his leg people have lost their fingers, crush their leg or arms gash their head you name it and it could have been avoided if they knew what to do under pressure if they took a safty course. people have no clue what the channel markers mean and they are just as important as a stop sign or ttraffic signal or they dont know what side to be on when passing a boat or to slow down when passing an officer or coast guard with their blue lights on. boats do not have brakes they dont stop on a dime. and kids, lord parents should be ashamed letting their kids use the boat without adult supervision. I deal with 300 boating customers and 300 of my customers should take the boaters safty course i think that boats are like motorcycles their fun, cool to ride but can be very dangerous if you dont know what your doing. anyway i beleave kids under 18 should take the course once a year and cannot opperate any boat without adult supervision and 18 and over should take the course every two or three years


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