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If you don't like it

If you don't like it and are afraid of a ticket sell your boat moron.. You are most likely one of those Wrightsville Beach Intracoastal idiots who only respect themselves anyway! I am lucky. I do have a large boat. I DO SLOW DOWN for smaller boats, especially Jon Boats... Think about this... You are driving at a higher speed.. You swamp a boat killing a small child onboard fishing with his father because you were inconsiderate/wreckless. Most likely because it is not required, you do not have liability insurance. Even if you are not charged with manslaughter, which you most likely will be as your reckless activity killed a human being, you will most certainly end up in civil court. You will loose because you were not following the rules of the water. You will loose your boat, maybe your house and 401.. Life insurance policies.. Everything. What about if you just swamo a little boat? You won't loose your house but if you are brought to civil court,, you will most likely be buying a new boat for the boat you ruined and paying a few thousand dollars of damages on top of it... Think about that the next time you almost swamp a family in a Jon Boat out fishing becausw YOU DON'T CARE.


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