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I didn't say he deserved to

I didn't say he deserved to die - don't put words in my mouth. But he chose to sleep in a dumpster. Judging by his arrest record and how these homeless guys often act, he was likely passed-out drunk. He was a grown man who made bad choices, and died because of it. He had no business being there anyway - the dumpster belongs to the trash company, and is leased by it's customer. This guy trespassed into a dangerous place, got himself killed, and you want to put the blame on the trash company/driver for not checking the dumster? That's pretty unrealstic don't you think? A few years ago, some bum went into a zoo (Washington D.C., I think) at night. If I remember right, he was going to kill and cook some zoo animal for a meal. Well, he ended up in the polar bear cage and bears are the ones who got a good meal. Was this the zoo's fault? Should they have been checking the animal cages for bums? And before you judge whether I need to go to church, know that I spent 4 years working to help people like this. Here's a little secret - most of them don't want your help. Sure, they'll take your financial assistance, they'll take your food donations and sleep in a shelter when it's really cold out. But they don't want responsibility, don't want jobs, they certainly don't want to stop drinking, and they don't want you or me telling them how they should live their lives. All I'm saying is that you can't place the responsibility for a person's bad decisions on someone else.


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