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You ARE insane!

One of the last freedoms we have as citizens is the right to keep and bear arms. If they ban assualt weapons, that opens up a door for something else for them to ban. That idiot up in Washington...whats his name, Obama Bin Laden, wants to do away with ALL the guns. Now, you as a law abiding citizen, someone enters your you think they give a rat's a** about any kind of gun ban? You and can rest assure they will have a gun, but you won't because you turned yours in at the collection depot when they were out-lawed. What are the chances you will get out of that situation alive? Beleive me, I own loads of assualt weapons, AR-15s, MAC 90s, AK-47s, and MP-5s, and let me tell pull one of those weapons on a would be intruder, his plans will quickly turn from laceney to survial. These weapons shot a small round, .223 and 9mm...very small. Most hunting rifles shoot a huge 30 caliber round that can take down an aircraft. Face it...people are intimidated by the aggresive look of these weapons. And when a criminal is looking down the business end of one of them, seldom will you ever have to fire a shot....My 2cents.


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