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Gun show

To Freedom: How ironic that you sign your comments as freedom. To answer your question "Why do people need guns?" How long do you think you would have freedom if citizens did not have the right to own guns? Germany before WWll is a good example, when Hitler confiscated all of the guns, the citizens had no defense to his demonic demands. Hopefully we will never be faced with a maniac like that in this country, but I am sure the Germans did not see Hitler as a maniac at first either. The criminals will always find a way to have guns. I want my guns so I can defend myself and my property. I also pray that I will never have to use my gun for that purpose. I am aware that there are those out there that would do harm to another human being, I for one would like to think I could protect myself if I encountered someone like that. That does not mean I live in fear. There is need of guns for hunters. Because deer have very few natural prey, to keep the population under control, man is now needed to keep the population of deer from taking over everything. They are quite destructive, talk to the farmers if you don't want to take my word for it.


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