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cape fear bank

To those of you who post on this topic, please keep in mind that this is not just about $$$$. Those folks at CAPE are very fine, hardworking, compassionate people with families. They are people who have experienced, serious and debilitating illness, death, and other heartbreaking issues that have not only allowed them to rally around each other but also members of the community that may have been in need. I personally have benefited from their generosity. Now is a time to show compassion to these folks and to their families that are also affected by recent events. To say that the loan officers are the reason that the bank failed borders on libel. Have you noticed the general economic climate? Do you not realize that we all depend upon each other to prosper? When one industry declines it causes decline in many other industries if the trend lasts long enough. Perhaps the critics here have never taken an economics course. Please remember that these folks( including the loan officers and executive management) have faced the fear of the KNOWN. They have watched the decline of the value of their stock/40lk, retirement, kids college fund, etc. just like me or you, an investor who has no employment ties. They are facing the threat of the unknown as well. We know that their will be layoffs. How further disconcerting this must be. Please show these folks the same kindness and courtesy that the FEDs, the NC Banking Commission, and the folks at First Federal have shown them. I have already heard positive and endearing comments on the manner in which the regulators and First Federal have handled this event. May we as community show the same courtesies.


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