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Mr. Titan Hater was it?

Since you seemed eager enough to voice your comment about protestors resisting Titan's plan to build here, let me respond that no matter where they are, the community they are involved in will still be effected. The fact that Titan has had to meet with EPA regulations more than once to change the amount of mercury used is a dead give away. Are you familar with what mercury will do when consumed, or when ingested after it pollutes our waterways? Perhaps you will be fine knowing that your daughter, or sister, or mother could undergo mercury poisioning and not even know untill she gives birth to a child whos nuerological development was stunted. Or maybe it will take you yourself, lying in bed with no peripheral vison and impairment of your muscles and speech after ingesting contaminated fish from your favorite local grille, to realize something is wrong with a plant that pours posion into the air.


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