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What tests?

I agree that economic growth is a favorable circumstance. However, Wilmington has been the victim of poor planning for decades and it rings true with the contract and incentive package offered to Titan by our county commissioners. Titan has received several fines at their plant in Virginia regarding improper dumping into the ground and drinking water quarries. Additionally, the Florida plant has been shut down because of the adverse environmental impact Titan has had in the area. As a community heavily reliant on the tourism industry, I encourage you to play connect the dots. 160 jobs today at the cost of our clean air and water equals how many jobs lost in the tourism industry over the next 5, 10, 15 years? Not to mention the fact that the job creation will mainly involve people relocating to the area from elsewhere so the only real benefit is the extra spending and taxes of about 100 outsiders. The article mentions doing accurate research. Well, this is about as objective as it gets. Many more fines in Virgina... Do the research and educate yourself. Whatever your opinion on this issue, make it a well founded one. Also, every test conducted regarding the introduction of Titan's presence have concluded negative affects. This includes the one paid for by Titan through Interox. In this study, they recommend that people living around the plant should drink more bottled water and eat less fish. No joke.


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