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Titan money

It’s all about money as far as Titan and their supporters are concerned. I want to sell them the land, I want to sell them a house, I want to sell them insurance, I want to sell them a mortgage, I want to be their accountant, I want to line up and take their money. > >> What does that make us? > >> Do they not see what trouble greed and avarice got us into recently? Why can’t they see the problems Titan’s had in Florida & Virginia, the problems other states suffer at the hands of heavy industry…… Sure they (industry) violate the rules, they pay the money (sometimes), money cures everything…..except when our water supply is contaminated, our air is contaminated, our kids are sick, our seniors are sick, our river is contaminated, our fish, wetlands, bird sanctuaries are destroyed. Guess then they’ll want to know where the fed is to bail us out….. > > Their answer is, the “Regulatory Agencies” will protect us. Sure, just ask the Madoff investors about the SEC and the families of the deceased from peanut contamination about the FDA and the long line of other communities protected by useless, overworked, underpaid, underfunded, regulatory agencies. Titan’s Kate McClain said, "There's a tremendous amount of misinformation that's happening. I'm not asking for you to come out and support us this evening. What I'm asking is for you to give us the benefit of the doubt. Be sure you get your facts straight. Be sure you're getting accurate information." > >> We’ve got considerable amounts of accurate independent information, from all around the country, information not paid for by Titan. Unfortuantely, money does buy favorable “scientific” reports; money buys friends, votes, good will. There are too many people in Castle Hayne and the surrounding area that have no information, don’t know anything and will think Titan’s just wonderful for giving money to our schools and pageants and ….. and money can be tough to fight. >


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