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Ok, let's take your links one-by-one shall we? 1.) Refers to water run-off, 8 years ago, at a Titan READYMIX facility in Port Norfolk, VA. A readymix facility is not a cement plant. Titan alleges that the fault was with the VA Department of Transportation using their property for a road construction project. " ... if it can reasonably establish, to the satisfaction of the Director, that the violation and damage resulting therefrom resulted solely from activities relating to the Virginia Department of Transportation construction activity at the Titan Virginia Ready Mix – Port Norfolk Facility..." Have you followed-up your "research" on this? In any case, ultimately Titan owned the property and needed to accept responsibility, which they did. 2.) Refers to water run-off 4 years ago at the Oceana, VA READYMIX facility, again, not a cement plant. Item #10 indicates that the plant manager was fired, and new equipment was installed. 3.) Duplicate of #2 above ... were you looking for quantity here, in the hopes that no one would actually take the time to look at the links you posted? Scare factor? 4.) Refers to the withdraw of permits for MINING in the Miami-Dade area. They did not shut down the Pennsuco Cement plant. It alleges no wrong-doing on the part of Titan, or violation of existing permits. In fact, it affected three companies, and nine mining operations, pending outcome of an environmental study. "This is the second time that the court has ordered a halt to Titan Cement - and two other companies' - operations in the Lake Belt, Florida area over environmental concerns. In July 2007, the U.S. South Florida Federal District Court first canceled nine operating permits in the Lake Belt region, pending the results of an environmental impact study." 5.) This is a link to Sen. Boseman's Bill #699. Why is this listed here? Did Titan do something wrong? Or were you hoping that people would see five links and assume that Titan had been a BAD actor? Now, getting on to your other assertions ... I would like to know what data supports your comment that 100 of the jobs that Titan will bring to our area will be filled by "outsiders" --- which in itself is a creepy term, and not very welcoming for new citizens. I have only heard (from Titan itself) that the plant manager position will, by necessity, be filled by someone from outside the Wilmington area who has experience in running a cement plant. Finally, I have also read the Intertox study and can't seem to find in there anywhere that they indicate that Titan's presence would have a negative affect. Are you referring to another study? Also, I believe the study recommended that people living on the river refrain from using water from the river as a drinking source. BTW - even the US Dept. of Health recommends limiting intake of certain fish. Show me a study, or even a roster of citizen complaints that allege disease or illnesses in children near the Pennsuco, FL or Roanoke, VA cement plants, and I will sit up and take notice. I may even get myself a STOP TITAN bumper sticker. For now, I am not drinking your Kool-aid. No joke!


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