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I also like bullet points. 1) Are you a doctor? When several (in the hundreds) area physicians and nurses are in agreement that the affects of Titan are negative, it makes me wonder who might have better insight. 2) There will be limestone extraction at the proposed Castle Hayne plant. Florida mining shut down...twice. "That ruling was based in part on evidence that blasting in the quarries may have contaminated nearby wells with benzene, a carcinogen. The judge concluded that limestone mining contributed to the benzene contamination" 3) Page 19, paragraph 4 of Interox study (paid for by Titan...which makes it completely accurate, right?) Also, do your research on the individual that put this study together and you will find some interesting things. "People may also choose to drink bottled water" 4) The economic research determined that, in total, 46 current residents of New Hanover County will sustain jobs with Titan. Addresses my earlier comment about "outsiders". How many jobs are "seasonal" or tourism related in our area? 5) I mentioned that there are several more fines for the VA plant. Larger fines and stricter regulations would increase the incentive to follow those guidelines. $2200 doesn't factor into a cost benefit analysis when deciding whether to follow the current regulations. 6) EPA to release new regulations for carbon emissions today. (4/17/09) 7) 14 million gallons of water will be pumped daily to heat the kiln and process the cement. Research is soon to be released outlining the current water levels in that area. Records and archives indicate that 5-6 million gallons pumped in previous operations in that same area, unrelated to Titan, have dried up drinking water wells at least twice since 1994. Titan will be doing more than double that amount. 8) Keep in mind that FPM (fine particulate matter) is the biggest cause of asthma and respiratory illness/disease. These affects are due to long-term exposure, neither the VA or FL plants have been around long enough to document the correlation. 9) The link to Senator Boseman's bill was included to inform people that MY main concern is to allow enough time to research the impact it will have on OUR area. VA and FL do not have the same overall ecological profile as we do (diff. mercury levels, air quality, other contributing factors, etc.) 10) If objective, unbiased studies show absolutely no adverse affect on our health, environment, and economy, then I will rip the STOP TITAN bumper sticker off of my car and we can share a glass of kool-aid anywhere you like.


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