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Today is the day many dread

Putting it off is much easier, but the average person knows theres got to be someting to not filing on time. It just can't be that easy, nothing is. I lost my job about a month ago so I had more time, but it wasn't stress free time as anybody knows when their in the same shoes, to get all my tax stuff straight and put together. Thank god I didn't have to pay any more than I had already paid in. I do feel so bad and sorry for the people that can't say the same. Luckily I didn't have to "find" money that was owed, and we all know money is one of those things very hard to come by or find. With things the way they are, makes it hard to find any "extra" money at all. If I did owe, I would definitely file for an extension, and probably a four-month payment plan too. People please do file for an extension, or some kind of similar arrangements. I hate it for so many people.


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