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Autism Anger

You're right, I did have him, I love him and take care of him better than your mother took care of you based on your hate filled comment. The old numbers show that one out of 150 kids is autistic. The new numbers coming out of the UK show the numbers to be more like one out of 65. 20 years ago it was one out of 1000. Let's hope your grandchild doesn't have a vaccine injury like my child did that caused him to get lost in a world with no understanding or compassion. Let's hope your support of Titan spewing 260 pounds of mercury won't end up in your backyard to haunt you. It's not just autism, it's alzheimer's too. Get ready old man, here it comes. I hope there's money left to see to it you get someone to wipe your butt and spoon feed you the last couple of years you will struggle through, but dont worry, you wont notice, just your wife and children will be left to pick up the pieces...for years.


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