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Insider information?

I'd suggest that you "experts" look up the elements of proof on what constitutes using insider information for illegal gain. Had he called his wife and told her to sell stock in a bank that as about to fail (and that information was not public knowledge) THAT would be using insider information. Withdrawing money from a bank account in no way. shape, or form constitutes insider trading or any other crime. A bank account is not risk capital or an investment, and is thus not governed by SEC regulations. In fact, it's value is guaranteed by the FDIC, and Burr obviously knows that. Even if he withdrew amounts over what the FDIC guaranteed, he would be doing what every prudent saver should do - never place more than the FDIC guaranteed amount is a bank account. The Socialists are going to have to come up with a LOT more than this imaginary ethical lapse to get Burr out. The truth is that they want him out to get a fillibuster-proof majority and complete their plans for destroying the United States of America.


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