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I'm not a Republican, and I

I'm not a Republican, and I do not care if he runs for re-election or not. However, anyone who listened to a news broadcast during last fall's banking crisis knows they were advising people to not retain any amounts greater than the FDIC would insure in any given bank. That is common sense and that is what the pundits on tv were advising. If he thought the bank was going to fail, he would have called his wife and told her to close out the accounts and withdraw everything instead of getting a few hundred bucks out of the atms. If Chris, Jerry, or Sonya tells you that a hurricane is coming and it might be a good idea to go to the bank and withdraw some cash as if the power goes out the atms won't work, is that illegal in some way or an abuse of power? No, it is common sense and good advice. So was this. They weren't advocating a run on the banks to drain them, simply have some cash on hand. If this made Burr the "worst person in the world" for the day, then all of the despots and tyrants in the world must have had the day off. Along with the murderers, rapists, kidnappers, abusers,.....


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