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First of all, marijuana does

First of all, marijuana does not cause people to do hard drugs. The only support to that is saying it is accessed through "criminals" drug dealers who might just sell other illegal substances. Marijuana has been proven to be less of a determinant of future harder drug dependencies than cigarette smoking. The ONLY reason it could ever lead one to using harder drugs is that its illegality forces you to find outlets in the black market. While that is a lot of plants,maybe its his first time growing. Maybe he is assuming that some of the plants wont make it all the way, or the possibility of a small yield. That would only leave him with a years supply, and maybe a little for his friend helping him. It needs to be legalized and controlled like alcohol. Get organized crime out of a major source of revenue. Its the only way to make it safe. We learned this during the prohibition of alcohol guys... You can legally make your own wine as long as you dont sell it right? Check Out: The Union (movie), NORML, MPP (organizations), Wooten Report, Le Guardia Committee...


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