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Completely unbelievable!

My son is 8 years old and is not mentally handicapped. He is completely able to give his name, phone number, and address...knows not to go near water without adult supervision...and is aware that, if lost, he should contact 911. Yet, I would have been absolutely livid if he were left behind on a field trip with his current 2 to 20 ratio. Here, we have a child who has none of these abilities and characteristics and the ratio was 5 teachers to 12 children. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COUNT TO TWELVE??? He could have drowned, walked off never to be seen again, or been hurt/killed by one of these nuts that keep attacking people out at the lake. I can't imagine what his parents and caregivers are feeling. I'd be ready to burn something down. I hope they fight this as long and as hard as they have to.


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