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You are correct...when I

You are correct...when I decided to be a teacher I knew what the pay was and that I would not be rich. So what did I do?...I went back to school, furthered my education, working on my 3rd degree now only to have already lost enough pay to negate my 2nd degree (oh but guess what...still have to pay for it).. AND...I am in the middle of earning my 3rd degree only to find out that the next round of cuts will be - "Hey, we are not going to pay for advanced degrees!". Kind of frustrating to get three degrees only to make less than I was making with one. Yes I did know what the pay was for a teacher and was still willing to become one. Not willing to take a 15k cut though.

Sure, the economy is bad. We all have to take a hit. Wouldn't have a problem with that if we ALL took it. Instead, if you are lazy...get welfare for life. Have they taken a cut? Doubt it. If you run a crappy business (Banks, Auto industry) the govt will bail you out. We will cut pay everywhere - unless you are a politician. vote yourself a raise in the midst of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!! And not to mention, we can't cut the "Go Fish campaign". Lord knows we have to get the word out to fish. That is worth 20 mil.

Oh and since we are making cuts..lets spend more money so everyone can have free health care. Nobel as it may be, I don't hear congress offering to line up. Nope - they will no doubt keep what they have.

Your is that simple.


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