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Your right - No one tied us

Your right - No one tied us up and made us become teachers. I can honestly say that I chose this career on my own. HOWEVER, I did chose a career with a set pay scale. A pay scale that went up (if only a little bit most times) every year. A pay raise that I could count on. Now, we, teachers, have been on a pay freeze for three years. Think about it - what if every August your boss came to you and said, "You were suppose to get this raise this year, but you won't be getting that raise, because we need your money! By the way - we will be adding more state EOG's for you to prepare the students for and new school wide programs for you to teach, more hours after school will be required of you, and we want you to do that with less supplies and money." THIS IS NOT WHAT WE CHOSE!!!!! They are taking OUR money so people like you don't have to help balance the budget. You think you would be more sensitive to our situation. Remember teachers help create the workers for every job in America. There were teachers who helped you learn so you can have the job you have now. Try being a little more appreciative not demeaning!

P.S. Life is NEVER simple!!!!


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