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So much for the "education" governor

Has anyone looked at next year's budget? Guess what part gets the 2nd biggest paycut?? Teacher pay! In the revised proposal 26 million $ is cut from educator pay. And they wonder why this state has trouble recruiting and retaining quality educators? Of all the surrounding states, NC is the lowest paying, they just raised health insurance fees and they are now taking money from their teachers. Gee, if I was a teacher would I want to work in NC. I went right over the state line to teach in Virginia where educators are respected and appreciated. Oh and by the way my cost of living here is less than what I was paying in NC so you can shove that arguement you know where. Until NC begins to cut unneeded spending, cuts "pet projects" from their budget, cut money spent on standardized testing and cuts money on the revolving door curriculum policies that they spend so much money on every 3 to 5 years, they will never be able to afford the best teachers. Which means they will have to settle for what they get. I guess they don't care about that because none of the legislators send their kids to public schools!


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