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Not just teachers!

I was greatful that some of the comments noted that all State employees are working for 10 free hours over the next 2 months. Teachers and the NEA get most of the press, but they are certainly not the only ones affected by the Governor's brilliant plan. Take the furlough in addition to increased insurance and no raises (as far as I know there is no merit raise for anyone besides teachers) including cost of living, we are working for less money then ever before. The State has never given cost of living raises that come anywhere near inflation so the longer you dedicate yourself to the employer, the less you make. The State could never be a private business. It would be shuttered in a month. Also, don't forget your favorite Congressmen who are supporting this. They will have to vote on the final budget. Send them an e-mail and see what you get. I got one no-response at all and 2 very condiscending, "we all have to sacrifice" form letters. The final slap in the face was the letter from our dear Bev telling us how she was going to make sure "North Carolina pays it's bills" by letting us work for free. Guess she doesn't care how the employees will pay theirs!


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