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As a teacher talking to

As a teacher talking to others about this, I have included ALL state employees in my discussion. Overall state employees as a whole make less money than other professions. But to tell us to just "suck it up" is ridiculous. Other states have put a freeze on hiring, but have not decreased the pay of current employees. As an educator, I do not feel that North Carolina values education and it is a shame. Teachers are told we need to work to close the achievement gap, yet they take money away from More at Four, which is geared towards lower income families receiving education for their preschool age children, which has been proven to help close the achievement gap. As far as your comment about being asked to stay another 8 hours after working one shift, I have never met a teacher who only works their 8 hours, then gets to leave, go home and have their own life the rest of the evening. I daily work 9 - 10 hours at school, and then come home to do more work here. We are often working on the weekends to plan and create things for our classroom and students and are spending our own money as well, because the funds for "extras" have never been provided. So no, I don't think I'm better than anyone else as a teacher, but I also don't think education is valued here or that most people understand what a teacher's day is like.


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