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Educator pay cuts

OK...I have read many of the comments left regarding educator pay cuts. I just have this to say...what is the going rate for a babysitter these days? About $10 an hour on average. Take an elementary teacher for example. She/he may have 25 students for 7 hours. So, 25 x $10 x 7 hours a day = $1750 Now take that for the 180 days they teach that equals $315,000.00 just for the days that we have students. This doesn't include the other days we work on lesson plans, or attending workshops, or even the hours spent at home grading papers and planning. $315,000.00...WOW our salaries are no where near that, and we actually do more than babysit. Can we all agree that going backwards is defintely not the answer...we have not even begun to go forward with salaries. Beginning teachers make an average $32,000.00 a year


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