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suck it up?" Are you

suck it up?" Are you kidding me. Obviously you are not a teacher. As far as asking to work 8 more hours after a shift. At least you get paid for your additional 8 hours. I am at school everyday 1 hour before I have to be and 3 hours after school, not to mention the 2-3 hours each night and on weekends. I think I have worked my 8 hours! Try working with 21 kindergartners everyday teaching them to read a level 6 book and writing 5-7 sentences on a given topic. And let's not forget being their doctor, their parent, their counselor, their referee, their friend, and oh----their teacher. You would not last 10 minutes!!!!!! Do not get me wrong I love my job! I am just sick of people like you putting it down. Do not forget it was a teacher that taught you how to read and write!


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