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watch the decimals, dear

.05% is not the same as .5%. Judges and some others were asked to voluntarily give up .05% of their paychecks. Teachers automatically had .5% deducted from checks. Now that we've lost that money, they're not done. Originally it was proposed to reduce the school year by 5 days. At that rate, I would have lost $625 but gained days off. Then it was 10 days. I'd have lost $1250 but gained days off. Now they're not reducing the year. Instead, they're going to reduce teachers' salaries by a proposed 10%. If you're curious, I'm a 9th year teacher making about $38,000 a year. Ten percent of that is $3800. Compare those numbers before you ask me not to complain. At the end of 30 years, I should be making what most of my peers made right out of college. I'm not in it for the money, true, but I do have bills.


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