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teach outside NC

You said it exactly, the last place budget cuts should be found are in education. My God, education is the foundation to everything. They're increasing class sizes through hiring freezes which encourages graduates to teach in other states than NC. When I began college I planned to teach in NC. Now there are hardly any teaching jobs because of hiring freezes and layoffs, and the state is decreasing teacher's pay. I graduated last month, and guess what? I'm still working a retail job, and I have not had a single interview to be a teacher. Even if I have to go to Mississippi, which is about the only state that pays teachers less than NC, I'll do it. At-least they appreciate, welcome, and hire teachers there. Teachers give soooo much...I could have easily chosen a different major in which I would make more money and had an instant job. But I have chosen to teach because that is what I want to do. North Carolina does not appreciate that though, so I definitely plan to go to a state that will appreciate me for what I do. But since our politician's children don't go to public schools, it doesn't matter to them. I grew up in one of poorest counties in this state, so I know all about a poorly funded education. Hello! We're going in reverse here. What's next? One room school-houses with high school grads teaching the class because no college grads will stoop to that level of pay???


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