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re: Stop Complaining

I don't know how any parent could possibly say the things you have said in your posting! I currently teach public school in NC, I took this job fully aware of the pay that I would be receiving and I love my job despite the pay. I am completely amazed that any PERSON could possibly think that taking money out of ANYONE'S pay check with only a month's notification is okay. As teachers we sign a contract, just like any other salaried employee, our contract just happens to be backed by the state and local government. For someone to think that it is okay to dock NC employee's pay checks to recover a budget deficit for the ENTIRE state is ridiculous! Why should I bail out the entire state? How is it okay to penalize the very people that do their jobs because they want to help people, not because they love the pay? Do I think that state employees are paid too little? Of course I do. Do I think that the vast majority of these people took these jobs for reasons other than the money? Yes. Now, do I think that just because we took jobs that we love and are passionate about we should not be compensated for them? NO. Just because I took my job based on passion and not a paycheck, does not mean that I do not need money to exist! I am outraged that anyone in their right mind would imply that because I am a teacher I should not be upset about my pay check being docked without my consent! I may love my job, but LOVE doesn't pay my mortgage or my car payment! You should be ashamed of yourself! As for your class-size and teacher assistant comments...YOU are a PARENT, why would any parent not find a problem with increased class sizes and decreased external support? I find it hard to believe that any parent that held their child's best interests in mind would want them to be in classes that were overcrowded and under funded. It seems to me that the teachers advocating for smaller classes care more about your child than you do! Further, would you like to know why some teachers refer to their jobs as babysitting? Well here it is...maybe it is that we have upwards of 30-35 students in one classroom at any given moment, 30-35 students that have parents like you, parents with little to no concern for the people that they ship their children off to everyday. Parents with a complete lack of respect for teachers, the teaching profession, and education in general. So with such a "positive" force governing their lives at home, you can imagine the "overwhelming respect" we get at school. I signed up to be a teacher, I did not sign up to be penalized for the entire state's mistakes OR to be berated by ignorant comments like yours! Obviously the increased class sizes and lack of external support in the late 70's (when you were in school) did wonders for you intelligence!! I just hope that I can continue doing my job so that YOUR children grow up to be more enlightened adults than YOU are!


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