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Let's use the trickle down effect

Let's try this and see if it works. Let's start with the State School Board - get rid of some of the "sitting in our leather chairs, making stupid decisions" positions. That should free up some money. Start cutting out those unnecessary expenses, sports (if necessary) or at least a lot of travel, field trips, etc. These may be temporary measures until things pick up, but under no circumstances, should teachers or assistants be lost. Education is far too important to begin losing those who are striving to teach our children. I suggest our Governor start looking around her own circle, and see what deadbeats could be let go. Or if I may ask the question: is she ready to make that type of sacrifice herself? Is she ready to get rid of the friends and the ones that depend on her for their money (however it is handed out) or is she ready to sacrifice whomoever she can so that she can keep the votes from those who have the money to buy them?


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