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Teacher jobs on the line.

Thousands of teachers are up to loose there jobs in the efforts to help NC balance a budget. Thousands more individuals thrown out to the streets looking for jobs that are not there as the growing unemployment has shown. My husband (many years experience in construction) has been beating the pavement for months. Finding new jobs for all these teachers will be slim pickin's, thus the alternitive is to draw unemployment. So the state still pays teachers, but now for doing nothing. Now, I have been notified that my position as part time drama teacher is being eliminated. I must say, I'm not surprised; the arts are usually the first cut (dispite all the research proving their benefits on improving test scores). My heart bleeds for the children. When I left the principal's office with this news, it was not the fact that my family will be now surviving on a part time weekend job I keep at the hospital because part time teachers don't get benefits. Rather, it was when I thought about the children in my classes. It's those "troublesome" students that don't learn as well in traditional classes that just bloom when they find that there is always something for everyone in the theater. It was dreading saying "Good-bye" for the last time to these students, knowing that all that faces them in the coming academic years is testing, testing, testing in this cookie cutter mold of an education system that we have developed that allows no room for individual talent. I love teaching. It's not about money to me. I have found a new passion in life that equals my passion for the theater. Teachers either love it or hate it. Those who hate it stick with it because they have time invested for retirement. If the state really feels that less teachers will save our state, have they considered offering incentives for early retirement? Still, larger classes in rooms that are already too full to even slide one more desk into seems the opposite as what our President who holds the strings to federal funds is pushing for. He expects to hold teachers up to high standards and if results are not made then the teacher alone takes the fall. No parent blame, no congressman or governor who pushed the classroom sizes to unmanagability, just the teacher. Talk about pressure. Why would anyone want this stress. I'll tell you why. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!


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