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But do you get paid for the

But do you get paid for the time you get off? I don't. Do you have a clue as to what you are going to face each day when you go to work? I don't. Do you have 30- 120 people that you are responsible for each day? I do. Will you loose your job if the 30-120 people you are managing a day mess up in their jobs, refuse to work or are incompetent to do the job they were hired for? I will (Thank you NCLB). That is the way the system is set up. I am expected to fight work and grades out of kids, force them to learn the information that the state says is important and maintain order in a room full of 35- 40 teenagers everyday. And the thing is-- I do it-- and I do not complain. and I work 60- 80 a week to do this job, on top of the two other jobs I work in order to pay my bills because I love this job, it is a calling. However, what I did not "sign on for" as you put it, was pay that I have already earned being taking away from me, was assistance (who work with special needs children at my level) being cut and my classes exploding to 38- 40 kids—many of which with special needs and no assistants to help them-- with no textbooks or supplies because we cannot afford them. And everyday, there seems to be a new email about how much less money they are going to give us next year. So I ask you, have you ever walked into work, to a job on which you have a salary contract, and been told that your check has been cut by $250 and that from now on, you are going to be working for free for one month out of the year? (Because that is how much they are proposing to take from us next year) If this happened to you, would you complain? Because this is DEFINATLY NOT what I signed on for!


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