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Yes I do.

Again with this "I don't get paid for my summers off" argument. You do get paid a salary for the year how you save that to make it last is your responsibility. I make the same as you do and still have to work all year round. I work with a caseload of 30-35 kids too. But I don't get to leave them at 3:30. I have to go spend time with them at their homes and in the community. I work with kids and families that are not very well off mentally and financially. And to talk about pressure, if I screw up or don't fight the kids to do better as you say, someone usually gets hurt and in some cases killed. Who is the one who they turn to for answers, me. I also did not sign up for half the stuff that I am expected to do on a daily basis. I am not trying to put down teaching because I know that working with kids is hard from experience, but I think that what bothers me and a few others is that teachers think that they are on a different level than everyone else when it comes to job difficulty, needed respect and feeling of importance. We all have hard jobs, all state employees lost money and are subject to reductions in supplies and services and we all are hurting right now. I have to pay for a lot of my own supplies that aren't "essential". I spend a lot on my own money on things for the kids that they do not get from home like food and clothes. So I guess a little less talking from the teachers throne and a little more respect for all who have tough jobs and tough situations.


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