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...but YOU chose it!

There's nothing sillier than teachers complaining about low pay. It is a well known fact that teachers make dirt. It's always been that way. Unless people take control of their own destiny, it's always going to be that way. As long as there is no shortage of people willing to be teachers, there is no NEED to raise salaries. Salaries, like any other cost, are dictated by supply and demand. Big supply=low pay. Until college graduates say, "No thanks" to teaching, and we're facing a national teacher shortage, wages are going to stay low. (Nursing pay didn't rise until we had that national shortage a few years ago.) Teachers get immense satisfaction from their job. They get respect from the community. In large cities like Chicago and New York, they get employment for life regardless of any ability to teach. (NYC has over one thousand "teachers" who never enter a classroom because of their emotional problems or incompetence, but they're tenured and draw full salary for doing NOTHING.) One thing teachers don't get is a lot of money.


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