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Pay Cut

I am not a teacher, but I have worked in education for 15 years. My background is not in teaching, but in another area which serves students. I can honestly tell everyone that teachers do not receive the salary that they should be entitled to. They work long hours, with little thanks, and with very difficult students, as well as administration in some cases. It is very easy to say "well you should have not been a teacher if you wanted to make more money." There is a big difference between making more money and making a decent living. Teachers, as well as most school personnel DO NOT make a decent living. I have known teachers that have had to take second jobs to get by. I will never understand why working people should have to sacrifice more and more, while those who come to this state illegally are given what ever they want. Ms. Perdue, why don't you take away services from illegal aliens and use that money to help with the budget deficit instead of punishing working men and women?


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