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The average teacher works well over 40 hours a week. We put in the average work day with the chidren but we have early morning duty or for me I have to set up each morning and get there at 6:30. I stay late and make the appropriate phone calls, example, set up interpreters, why did your child not come to school today, IEP, PEP, trainings... Have you been in a classroom lately??? On average there are 3 children in each classroom that has some type of emotional, behavioral, or learning disability. When a teacher plans he/she has to take into account all the different types of learners and skill levels they bring to the table. Differentiated instruction, sounds nice but takes a lot of work if you are truly dedicated to your student's success. Try teaching in a classroom where every 10-15 minutes something has set someone off. You have to stop teaching because they have taken away your instructional assistant to stop the chaos. Then you might have to find someone in the hall to watch you class because the situation may have esculated and you have to wait in line for your principal because they have removed your assistant principal. Now during all this time of dealing with a behaviour issue you have lost time for that lesson that day and EOG's are just around the corner. Your children are so far behind because you have been a referee and not a teacher. Oh did I forget to mention they are increasing the class size so lets add one or two more of those children that need that extra attention. Wonder why teachers are stressed about having their pay cut???? Because we are busting our bottoms for 180 days to give these kids a fighting chance and our worth is measured from a child's ability to pass a standardized test. I invite anyone in my class. not a day because heck anyone can handle a day. Spend a week with me. A real week, from the time I enter to the time I leave the school, which can sometimes turn into a 12 hour day. Then tell me that I should not complain about pay cuts, required furlough, and lack of respect...........


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