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Well back in the day..... you did not have autsitic childrne, emotionally disturbed children, behaviorial issues, Personalized Education Plans, Individualized Educaiton Plans, English Second Language, End of grade testing, Student Success TEams, Assessment walls, foster children who attack their teachers, low income children who are beat all the way to the bus so they can have just a wonderful day at school...theives that steal what little bit of gross motor equpiment you have, administrators breathing down your neck telling you to do more more more when the kids just can't do it. The average classroom has 3 children with some type of disability, special need, or language issue. The lessons you plan must reflect that. Class size is upwards of 30 children and one teacher whose only means of punishment is to send a note home, call the parents who typically become numb to the calls and don't do anything about it anymore. 180 days of this. I love teaching don't get me wrong. But it is almost as if the state wants us to fail because they are taking what little support we do have away. come spend a week with me just observe and then tell mme I don't need an assistant. Walk a mile in my shoes and then talk to me.


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