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Pay cuts

I work for the school system and I am very upset about the pay cuts too! When I first heard about the pay cut I understood that we had a very dire economic situation. Then when I saw on the news about Mary Easley receiving an 88% raise and Bev Perdue "creating" a job for Bill Harrison as CEO of schools for $265,000 per year, I was LIVID. Especially when this "CEO" job is totally unnecessary. This is why NC can't pay its bills, because jobs are created for the friends of people in high places. As for the lottery, blame that on Mike Easley. He earmarked a lot of the money to be spent on creating the "More-at-Four" program for preschoolers. I understand the importance of early intervention but why create something new when you can't pay for what you already have. He also agreed to alot of pay raises for teachers when he knew the state really couldn't afford. He should have earmarked some of the lottery money to be spent specifically for raises of teachers and other state employees. When we were getting these raises it was great but I knew that we would have to pay for it. And now that's what is happening. Mrs. Perdue is rolling back all of these raises.


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