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Increase in insurance

How short sighted can the insurance commissioner and other politicians be?

I think homeowners must pay more in taxes than renters. Owning a home involves more than property taxes. What about all the things and services purchased in regard to upkeep of a home? On top of insurance increases we are being asked to OK a 1 cent sales tax increase as well in Baldwin County.

I simply can't afford to stay here. To handle the increase in insurance I am giving up 2 perscriptions. I will give up my landline phone with hi-speed internet when I graduate in May. I already seldom turn on the heat and AC is set to go on when temps hit 85 degrees in my house. I have never had cable since moving here.

I am so angry I am planning on getting my home ready to sell so when I finish my graduate degree I can move somewhere where I can get a better salary and not keep having the financial rug pulled out from under me by insurance companies who are flat out greedy.
Please pray selling my home won't take more than 2 years. If I could get my equity out, I would not hesitate to walk away from my home. It has become a burden that jepoardizes my finacial future largely because of the insurance demands.

My insurance company dumped thousands of people in FL and then had some stock market set backs. Instead of sucking it up like everyone else does they seek to maintain profits by jacking up insurance on people already just keeping their heads above water. They have a long history of doing this.

Insurance companies should not be allowed to call themselves "Good Neighbors" and should ackowledge you are in a precarious state when in their "good hands". They do not care about people. They are a for-profit industry and as such it is foolish to think they will shed a tear about what their avarice has done to other people.


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