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Rate increase Homeowners insurance

I'm so grateful for having a job but my hours have been cut & if the economy doesn't increase soon by July my hours will be cut again. I've cut back on everything since I'm a single low income house. I bought my home last year but it's tough. What's not in my budget is cable, satellite or converter box (so I don't watch TV at all), no computer (I use the one at work during my break), I won't turn the AC on til it becomes unbearable like 90 degrees so my electric bill will stay under $45, no vacations, entertainment, shopping (only at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales as necessary), I definitely eat less but much healthier foods because a salad will fill me up, I even cancelled my health insurance & wind & hail insurance since my lender didn't require it. I know I'm taking a risk but I'm unable to afford. I drive an old small fuel efficient car (paid for), live 5mls from work. So in a nut shell I only live on the basics in life. I don't do drugs (legal or illegal at all), smoke or drink. Folks just sell it and do without all the "stuff" so you can be prepared. Cancel everything you can, turn off the AC & don't go out. I bet if you keep a written record of everything you spend on a daily basis you'll realize that you can do without. They're going to raise everything that possibly can be raised but our incomes, mine included, don't increase 30%, not even over a 5yr period. Keep involved in politics and remember to VOTE EVERYBODY.


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