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How nice.

How nice it must be to go reach into others' pockets to fund yourself with no repercussion of any kind. Know what I wish? I wish the county could offset their budget issues by reaching into the city limits and taking what they want. With the exception of the lone dissenting commissioner, these politicians sicken me. Apparently, they have lost the understanding of what being a politician is about. We, the citizens, elect leaders. They are SUPPOSED to be speaking on our behalf. We do NOT elect them so that they can go do what they want, to hell with us if we don't like it. This attitude among politicians is despicable and it's growing. Even Obama was quoted as saying that he does not have to answer questions if he does not want to. To ALL politicians EVERYWHERE: YES, you DO have to answer to us, the citizens that vote and pay taxes. We put you where you are with the understanding that you would speak on our behalf, reflecting the beliefs of your constituents. Yes, I know that the city will benefit from the increased revenues. To me, however, that does NOT supercede the concerns of the public. I work in the 911 center. Folks, I can assure you that there are FREQUENTLY more calls pending than there are officers available to respond to them. If you have ever called 911 and wondered why it is taking so long for an officer to get to you, you can attest to what I am saying as true. The shortages are NOT just during non-peak hours. The majority of the shortages are during peak hours. Removing 11 more officers that could respond to calls means that our resources will be stretched even further. For example, the Traffic Unit will be losing 4 positions. For those that don't know what this means, here goes: The traffic unit officers respond to MOSTLY traffic calls. They're the ones looking for speeders, aggressive drivers, careless and reckless drivers, drivers who appear to be under the influence, etc. These traffic officers also respond to all accidents involving injuries. Having this group of officers available is invaluable for several reasons. First, it frees up the regular patrol units to respond to other calls - something I've already noted is thin even now. Second, if the traffic officers are in the area of a call where patrol units are responding and they are not busy, they respond to those calls as well. Having fewer traffic officers means that patrol units - already struggling with call load as it is - will be spread even thinner. At the heart of this annexation are a couple of very important concerns. First, the city of Wilmington is digging its hands into a cookie jar, even though the owners of that jar don't want them to, don't need them to, and have no say in stopping it. Second, the city annexed to increase their bottom line...while removing public safety positions. vs. public safety....which do YOU think is the city council's priority? I will make it my mission to do everything in my power, for as long as it takes, to make sure that the voting public does not forget about the Arrogant Six. I will stop only when those 6 are no longer in public office.


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