I saw this aircraft in Raleigh on Wednesday, and it was quite a thrill. I hope that a large turnout was in Wilmington for it also. It was amazing to go onboard and see all of the instrumentation used. I would love to actually be along for the "ride" during a hurricane. Lots of folks thought it would be much bigger, but I figured it would be small in order to do the necessary data collections and get out of the eye. The crew was just the most hospitable, and answered all of the questions posed to them. It was great of NOAA and the NWS to let the public view such a very important piece of equipment used in hurricanes. I got lots of photos and a wealth of knowledge from the displays, the crew, and of course the "Miss Piggy". Those of you that went and saw the aircraft know what I meant by the "Miss Piggy" comment!
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