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Over paid postal employees?

Obviously you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I am a rural carrier for the Postal Service, have been for 19 years. I am required to furnish a vehicle large enough to hold the amount of mail I deliver, has to be dependable, and it has to meet state inspection and postal inspection too. My route is 33 miles long and takes around 4 hours to deliver. I am paid 23.00 per day for using my own vehicle. I have to make my own payments on the vehicle. I have to pay my own insurance, inspection fees, taxes and tags too. I have to fill up with gas 2 to 3 times each week and yes, I have to pay for the gas. I have to buy brake pads every 3 or 4 months because I stop and start 600 times each day at mailboxes. I buy new tires at least once per year, more if I buy cheap tires. I have to pay upkeep and all repairs out of my pocket. All I am reimbursed is 23.00 per day, the rest comes out of my pocket. Look at it this way, I am paid 138.00 per week to furnish my vehicle, after I buy my gas I have around 50.00 dollars left to furnish it and keep it going with. As for being over paid, we just finished a mail count in March. This is how our yearly salary is determined. This includes such things as how many miles we drive each day, how many vehicle stops we make, how many boxes we serve, the type of boxes we serve, how much mail we deliver and how much mail we pick up each day, plus about 4 hours of office time each day to put our mail in delivery order and get it ready to go to the street, etc.. I usually deliver between 15 to 30 feet of mail and 50 to 100 packages per day. Since the count, I am delivering just as much mail and driving just as many miles and stopping at just as many mail boxes as I was before the count, the only difference is: I am making 4 1/2 hours less pay per week. Yes, it is taking me just as long to do my job as it did before the count, but I am short 4 1/2 hours in my paycheck. It is normal to lose money during the count, about 10 years ago I lost 11,000.00 per year after a count. The only way to make up this loss in pay is to be on a growing route and over an extended period of time add enough new boxes to make up the difference. Right now to make up my recent loss in pay, I need to add about 76 new boxes. With this economy the way it is, that is impossible in most places. I bet you thought all we did was make this HUGE paycheck, drive a postal furnished vehicle, filled up with gas each day by the Postal Service and put mail in boxes all day, such an easy and profitable job, huh? If you want to talk about this type of job, look at UPS and FedEx, yes they have to get out at each delivery, but they furnish nothing and get paid the big bucks for it. We deliver more pieces in a week than UPS delivers in a year. Oh, and UPS makes a stop at the Post Office each day and leaves packages for "US" to deliver for them the next day.........LOL


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