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I'm not sure as for other counties but my county has a real problem with mental health issues. There are people in our society that actually need to be in a mental health hospital so they can be watched on a daily basis and their meds montiored for them. However there are several people in society that abuse the metal health services as a way to gain access to medication, as well as a free check!!. The state needs keep dortha dix open and house the people in society that actually need to be housed instead of releasing them back in to genreal population for what they call self treatment. Our mental hospitals have gotten to relaxed on taking patients in and administering meds for three days and then returing them to society. The problem with this is that these people that acutally need the treatment have to depend on themselves to stay on top of there meds in order to function in society. Another rising problem is our local health care homes, instead of contacting the private provider for treatment options and medication they revert to taking out ivc paperwork. The reason this is done is either because they don't know how to take control of the situation they are having with the patients or either they just dont want to deal with the paitent at that time and involuntary committment in the best solution for them. The solution for these problems is to hospitalize the ones that actually need to be treated around the clock, have more intense testing and evaluations for the patients that we call "frequent flyers" that are there to obtain more medication so that our mental health system is not abused. Also there needs to be more training on the local level for nursing homes and private nursing homes so they will know the proper protocol with mental paitents instead of filing ivc's whenever they dont want to deal with patients. I hope we can get on track shortly even if these arent the answers....


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