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Rip Currents at the North End

On Saturday, our family was at the North End of Carolina Beach, right by the inlet. About 2:30-3:00pm you could actually see the rips in the water. Two children were out near the rips, and I saw it sucking them in. I immediately went to the shore's edge and got the children's attention. Of course, their parents were too busy chatting amongst themselves and slamming beers to even notice what was going on. Myself and a fisherman swam out and got the two children who were completely out of breath by the time they reached shore. The parents NEVER even acknowledged us for what we did. However, the little boy kept smiling at us and was truly grateful. It was obvious. I then took the time to explain to both of them what a rip current was and what to do next time. I just can't believe that parents bring their children to the beach and think they don't have to watch them. These two were very lucky. The couple from Apex that was there were truly amazing, as they jumped right out there to help me pull the kids in. PLEASE WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AND EDUCATE THEM TO THE DANGERS OF RIP CURRENTS. Unfortunately they are just as much a part of the beach as the water and sand!


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