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I wonder if the same

I wonder if the same residents complaining about the Animal Control's response would be willing to see an increase in their property taxes in order to add personnel to the staff? I also find it hard to believe that this lady got bit by a dog and there is no report. Did she seek medical care? If so, then the medical facility is bound to report it as a potential health issue (rabies). If she did not go to the doctor or hospital, then why not? If these animals are as poorly maintained as she claims, why would she assume that they have the appropriate vaccinations? Sounds like maybe we're not getting the entire story. Another consideration is that officials will respond to an incident in kind. And if the person being bitten did not feel like it was serious enough to seek treatment, then perhaps animal control felt the urgency was not there either. If the victim had sought treatment, she could sue the owners of the dogs in small claims and recover her bills. Sometimes hitting them in the pocket is the only way to get their attention. I don't live in Pender, but my neighbor has two pits that she turns out without any thought as to who is in the area. I know that by the time animal control gets out here, she will have them back in the house and lie that they were never out. With that in mind, when I want to go for a walk, I go in the other direction. Until the economy improves and more funds are available, that may be the only option here.


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