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Please All...

I would like to say that this is a tragedy all-around. But lets' use a little intelligence and look at this from all angles. The teacher was the one most at fault. An adult should not have sexual relations with a minor. It shouldn't matter if the adult was a man or woman - they both have done something wrong and should be treated as equals on punishment. The teenager. The young man should have known better but at 15 you aren't exactly the 'smartest' and do stupid things. He should (and did) know it was wrong BUT he also old enough to know what he was doing - so some blame is here on him. I know nothing of the parents - but please people with kids - DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE DOING ALL DAY? I snuck out of the house growing up (and I'm sure many of you did too). I lied to my parents where I was or was going (and I'm sure many of you did too). The parents are not to blame - teenagers (both girls and boys) will be teenagers and prob. 50% of what they do the parents never know (drinking, smoking, sex, lying, stealing, etc.) How many of you NEVER did anything wrong growing up that you're parents didn't know about it. I'm sure it is around 99% of you - SO GET OFF THE PARENTS YOU IDIOTS! In closing: The teacher is completely at fault and deserves whatever punishment she receives. The teenage should be punished because I'm sure he wasn't forced into anything - take car away until graduation, work all summer and keep no money or something. The parents prob. are fine parents (just as fine as you are - the ones blaming the parents) and have no fault to put on them - their child just behaved foolishly (like most teenagers do to an extent).


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