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Now is an excellent time to

Now is an excellent time to get rid of the low-performing teachers. Why not go back to basics? When I was in school, we had as many as 8 different levels within the same grade. The fastest learners were in the "A" group. Then "B" group was not quite as fast to learn, but still could learn faster than many others. This progressed down the line to the slowest of students. Each level was taught at a speed where they could learn. Sure, the "E" group did not learn as much as the "A"s, but folks, this is reality and all the political correctness will not change it. We had no teacher's assistants, as they were not needed. The teacher was quite capable of conducting class and maintaining order by him/her self. We got out a week for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks for Christmas. That is all. We started the school year around the first of September and finished the end of May or first of June. There were few if any road trips, teacher work days and such. We went to school to learn, not play around, disrupt those who did want to learn and if cell phones had been a hot item then, they would not have been allowed in my school. About the only dress code we had was that shirts must be tucked in. Parents and students alike were competent enough to know what was appropriate without having to be told or uniforms mandated. If we could go back to a simple-no nonsense learning system like this, think of all the money that could be saved.


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