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what has the world come to??

i understand that shoplifting and theft is illegal. i am not for it at all! but, if you catch a person trying to steal food out of a grocery store or any other place where there is food, i dont necessarily think that they should go to jail for it. the reason being, you dont know that persons situation. maybe they lost their job and they have hungry kids at home and cant find work, after putting in all kinds of job applications. and they cant get help from the government, b/c they "make too much", when they dont even have an income coming in!!!! the food banks can only do so much to help people. if we all would chip in when we can i think that we could all make a difference. see, this is why we ned MORE FACTORIES AND JOBS in this community and in the surrounding areas. look, leland is facing another compay going under as well as rocky point. what are these people going to do?? and now the government is talking about taking away meals for the prisioners??!!?? they may have committed crimes, but they are all still human. lets all do what we can to stop all of this. check on your neighbors, swallow your pride and help someone and if someone offers you help, take it. it doesnt make you any less of a parent, or person to accept help. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! :o)


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