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I don’t quite understand

I don’t quite understand WHY this will have an impact...on anything. I am a student at John T Hoggard, and I believe that this dress code will create more problems than it will solve. I know plenty of students feel uncomfortable wearing collard shirts and khakis, and I know that when I wear something that I don’t normally wear, I feel awkward, and it’s the only thing that I can focus on (aka, cant focus on school work). Plus, do you expect the world to always be "sharp-dressed"? Why should our school wear certain clothing if no one else is going to wear it anywhere else? You don't go to a major city and expect everyone to be clean cut. The students might as well get use to the fact that some people dress sloppily, and if you don’t like the idea of YOUR kid wearing extremely baggy shorts, THEN DONT LET THEM!!! Another thing that was mentioned above was, if someone causes a problem, it will be MUCH harder to tell them apart from others; clothing sets up individuality. And finally, I think the biggest problem will be rebellion. Plenty of the students will find loop holes in the dress code...or not just follow it at all. I want to know what you think THIS particular dress code will do. I can understand the shorts length/ pants baggyness (for those extremely over protective parents), but why a collard shirt? Do you think that high schoolers pick on others for wearing certain types of shirts? That’s what stereo-typical bullies on T.V. shows do, and it’s actually very rare in High School. And the khakis? Why/how will those help? It’s just a different color, so why not…any other color? In my opinion, you should just actually TRY to enforce the old standard dress code, because if you can’t manage to do that, the new one will never work. This most likely will turn out just like ID’s…


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