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We need a Constitutional Amendment in NC

As much as I hate the idea of seeing the gas tax rise (and you know that it will) I wouldn't mind as much if every penny collected was used for road construction and repair.... ....but it's not. The fund is simply another "slush fund" for governors to dip into whenever the mood strikes them. Easley regularly raided the fuel tax money and the E911 Telecommunications money to fund his pet projects. The end result was that the state was still funding teen pregnancy counselling while some 911 centers couldn't obtain funding to install updated servers and cell-phone location terminals. Medicaid funding was sustained while important transportation projects were put on hold. We need a very simple Constitutional Amendment: "Taxes collected and designated for a specific application can only be used for that application." That way sleazy governors and legislators will not pull the old bait and switch on you, telling you that they're collecting the money for a fund that will benefit everyone, then using it to help their special interest groups and pet projects.


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